Where things come from in Who's On First.

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Adding a new source

  1. Create a new source .json file using the template file.
  2. Fill out all required properties and optional properties, if available.
  3. Run the Makefile using the make all command.

Source Properties

While a source .json file in the whosonfirst-sources repository does not require all properties listed below, the more information we are able to gather about a source, the better. When adding a new source, please provide as much current, available information about that specific source as possible.

  • "id": A unique numeric integer identifier, typically derived from Brooklyn Integers (integer, required property).

  • "fullname": The full name of the source (string, required property).

  • "name": The user-derived, abbrviated name of a given source. (string, required property).

  • "prefix": The user-derived, prefix a given source. This value is typically two to ten characters in length (string, required property).

  • "key": A list of data properties used from the source. Optional and typically left empty (string, optional property).

  • "url": An http link to the source, preferably the homepage (string, optional property).

  • "license": A link to the license or terms of service page, if available, for the source (string, optional property).

  • "license_type": The license or equivalent license type for the source's data (string, optional property).

  • "license_text": A one to two sentence description of what the license allows (string, optional property).

  • "description": A one to two sentence description of the source (string, optional property).

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