Who’s On First is comprised of millions and millions of GeoJSON files. These files live in a GitHub organization called whosonfirst-data. The decision for this organization was spurred on by the work we’ve been doing to import venues and postal codes.

Work that has translated in to 24 million GeoJSON files spread across 488 GitHub repositories. Before we go any further, let’s be clear about one thing: This is not an ideal situation.

Ultimately our goal is to have a single monolithic Who’s On First repository that will contain all 24 million (and counting) records. In 2017 storing 24 million tiny files in a single Git repository is either technically impossible or so impractical as to “play impossible on TV”.

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If you feel like throwing caution to the wind the Who’s On First data is available from the following places:

Any individual Who’s On First ID{PATH}/{ID}.geojson for example:

Amazon S3 - see also: known knowns about S3 and why you shouldn't try to view that URL in a web browser

Github — it's not complicated but but it is complex